Personal Pediatrics is a small private pediatric practice dedicated to the health of patients from newborns through young adulthood. The practice was started over 45 years ago by Dr. Harvey Kolker and he was subsequently joined by Doctors Jennifer & Lauren Byrne.  The experience of our physicians, as well as their warmth and compassion, has kept families in our practice for years.  Many of our parents started out as patients themselves and now continue to trust us with their own children.  After his retirement in 2014, the sister pediatricians have continued to create very close relationships with all of our patients.  In 2017 Theresa Vertullo, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, joined the team.  Over the next few years we were lucky to have two more amazing practitioners: Kelsey Waisanen, PA (2022) and Kaitlyn Cornman, PA (2023).

We take pride in the “Personal” of Personal Pediatrics & your name is remembered in our office.

Having a small number of providers allows us to have excellent continuity of care. The doctors are always available by phone during the day no matter what questions you may have. A sick child will always be seen the same day as you call.  Our office has both well & sick waiting rooms. 

 We continue to improve our education and go to weekly conferences in order to stay abreast of medical advances and changing recommendations.  Our goal is to provide parents with encouragement, education and support while providing excellent medical care for your children during illness and throughout their healthy development. 

Our office is equipped with electronic medical records and a mobile check in process.  Forms can be completed before the visit from your phone.  You can also book sick appointments online 24 hrs in advance.

Taking care of families and helping them as they grow is our privilege.  We look forward to the day when our family will meet your family.

Call Us:  631- 928 - 4888